Pitbull Printing Brand Catalogs

2017 Apparel Catalogs

Howdy Doody!  

Spring is in the air, and us Canadians know what that means… 

White Dog Poop

We get to see the elusive dog-poop of olden days…

Now that we broke the ice, let’s move on to some real fresh shit.

We’ve made many updates to our website such as moving to a new server, integrating with a new network as their print on demand provider,  increased security in preparation for our upcoming eCommerce stores, plus performance & aesthetic updates.  

We’ve also setup a new support system which allows us to reply to all queries that are sent through our website, email and social media from one central location.  We’ve been very busy and are behind on our communications but this will soon be a thing of the past.  Nothing will seem different to you but trust us, this new software is the best thing since sliced bread and will drastically speed up our support.

However, the fresh shit you’re interested in would be how our shop section
now includes fancy 2017 catalogs with more to come in a few days.

Much time was spent on creating a somewhat realistic catalog browsing experience.  Our flip books are much better than looking through a PDF but if you would like .pdf copies, get in touch & we’ll hook you up.  

The shop page is data-heavy so you are on mobile, you can click the links below to load single flip books.



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