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MMA, BJJ & Extreme Sports Printing

Introducing the newest member of Team #Pitbull!

Introducing the newest member of Team #Pitbull! Victor is a recent gold medal winning Brazilian #Juijitsu fighter who is as cool as he is determined. Victor is currently training to be our head screen printer and will be translating to French, which is a nice perk of hiring somebody bilingual. What’s that awesome painting beside him you ask? An

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What’s new pussy cat?

Arooooooh Wooooof Aaaahhhooooorroouuuu! Great news. Author: Danny Sparrow | Published November 3rd, 2017. 1. We will be taking on new orders. Last winter we stopped taking on public orders. I wanted to spend time working on something significant and needed to heal up from work-related injuries (before literally flipping my motorcycle this summer and having to heal again, doh!). After

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How American Apparel lost their shirt

How American Apparel Lost Their Shirt

How American Apparel Lost Their Shirt One of our favorite YouTube channels of all time is VALUETAINMENT, it’s hands down the best channel for entrepreneurs.  We’ve learned so much from Patrick Bed David and the Biz Doc. Seeing that we’ve made several posts about Gildan acquiring American Apparel, this video makes for a great summary. Check it out for an

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Pitbull Printing Brand Catalogs

2017 Apparel Catalogs

Howdy Doody!   Spring is in the air, and us Canadians know what that means…  We get to see the elusive dog-poop of olden days… Now that we broke the ice, let’s move on to some real fresh shit. e’ve made many updates to our website such as moving to a new server, integrating with a new network as their print on

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GIldan acquires American Apparel

Gildan might soon own American Apparel… (Updated)

  We made a post a few weeks ago about Gildans’ recent buying spree,  and it looks like they’re going all out. Hot on the heels of buying Alstyle, they just announced a proposed acquisition of American Apparel.  American Apparel are rest great at making garments but really bad at making money.  The company went bankrupt twice this year alone,

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In VETS we trust.

In VETS we trust

In VETS we trust. We would like to thank our veterans for everything they have done for us.   If you are a war vet, please contact us privately, we want to give you something.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.  

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Holiday apparel shopping, custom shirts!

Get your holiday shopping started early, with help from Pitbull Printing

UPDATE – Catalogs have been moved here. We’ve added some great new catalogs,  and just in time to start shopping for the holidays.  There is a huge amount of unbranded clothing available here, as well as printed, if you see something that would make for a nice gift, just drop us a line.  Pitbull Printing Gift Certificates are also available. HO.

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Bella Canvas Black Heather

Bella+Canvas develop the first-ever true black heather

BELLA+CANVAS BLACK HEATHER   You know you want it. We definitely want it.   Bella+Canvas make some of the best fabrics that we’ve ever come across so naturally, they’re one of the companies who we are pushing, along with Independent Trading Co.   Check out these new BLACK HEATHER tees, 1000 times nicer than your tun of run of the mill tee.  

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How to fold a tshirt in 2 seconds.

How to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds

How to fold a t-shirt in just 2 seconds! Check out this video if you want to learn how to properly fold a t-shirt in under 2 seconds.   Click that? It’s just a screenshot, dummy The video is loading below.

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Childs play Pitbull Chucly

Totally unique masks made in your pets (and more) likeliness, oh yeah!

INTRODUCING, LATEX MASKS.   Our very brief hunt to have a latex mask created that looks like our best friend Lucy, ended up bringing us some pretty cool results.  So cool that we’re taking it further and offering these 100% original masks to our customers. This particular mask was made to place on human mannequins. It’s just our weird way of promoting the higher end

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