Childs play Pitbull Chucly

Totally unique masks made in your pets (and more) likeliness, oh yeah!


Pitbull Printing Retail


Our very brief hunt to have a latex mask created that looks like our best friend Lucy, ended up bringing us some pretty cool results.  So cool that we’re taking it further and offering these 100% original masks to our customers.

This particular mask was made to place on human mannequins. It’s just our weird way of promoting the higher end garments that we’ll be recommending through our upcoming eCommerce site and printed catalog.

Custom Latex Pet Masks

Use your noggin and think of the possibilities here…

We can’t think of a cooler way to promote your business or sports team than having one of a kind, hand made mask(s) in the image of your mascot.    You could put them in the window of your vehicle,  put them on mannequins (like us), have one made of your favorite pet for your man cave,  you could even have eye holes in place and wear them around scaring the living shit out of your friends, family and customers.  Please note, we do not recommend scaring your customers but, Halloween is right around the corner 😉

If you’d like to get one of these interesting and totally 1 of a kind creations that are hand made right here in Cape Breton, email [email protected] or submit a request through our help desk. We’ll work together to bring something unique to the table which is unavailable anywhere else, delivered right to your door for free in the CBRM.  Keep in mind that these are made by hand and require quite a bit of time to make so be sure to contact us well in advance.  Also, they will not be as flawless as a mass produced mask but where else can you get flawless t-shirts and a custom mask like this one made by just emailing some pictures? Nowhere, that’s where.

Here is CHUCKY dressed up as a vicious Pitbull for Halloween, you never know what lies beneath the surface.


Custom, hand made latex masks of mascots, pets, people. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!