GIldan acquires American Apparel

Gildan might soon own American Apparel… (Updated)

 Gildan American Apparel

We made a post a few weeks ago about Gildans’ recent buying spree,  and it looks like they’re going all out.

Hot on the heels of buying Alstyle, they just announced a proposed acquisition of American Apparel.  American Apparel are rest great at making garments but really bad at making money.  The company went bankrupt twice this year alone, how is that even possible?

We like both brands at Pitbull Printing and  they both have their place but the difference between the two is like night and day.  It’s been rumored that quality of Alstyle has declined since being bought by Gildan, we’ve seen some photos and they weren’t pretty.

Companies often grow too fast and cut corners. Let’s just hope that they will keep up with the quality that American Apparel are known for and not the quality that Gildan are known for in certain circles.  We’re not bashing Gildan here,  we print on a lot of Gildan garments.

Source : Market Wired

UPDATE JAN 10th, 2017.

It’s a done deal, Gildan bought American Apparel.